Hotel Rural Morvedra Nou

Minorca Restaurant

Creative Menorcan cuisine in amazing countryside

Our restaurant and kitchen staff  offer lunch and dinner menu offering meals with products of the season. Using innovative techniques, including sauces and Menorcan traditional dishes representing our way of understanding cuisine, following the hotel's tradition of reflecting Menorcan culture and traditions.

The restaurant will be open for people who are not staying at the hotel, from June to September.

At night, only for our guests, we offer a home made dinner menu prepared by our chef Joan Florit, with traditional dishes and typical Menorcan cuisine.

We also offer the possibility of taking a picnic to enjoy on the beach at lunchtime.

Hotel Rural Morvedra Nou restaurant

Terraza del restaurante

Cod with citrus and quinoa marinade

Slow-cooked lamb of Minorca

Aubergine with goat cheese


Small lobster with cheese cream and coriander

Slow-cooked suckling pig with glazed vegetables

Hake with garlic vinaigrette (glazed potato and onion)

Chicken salad (Cherry tomatoes, carrots, yogurt and tarragon)

Mousse iced coconut, avocado cream and mint jelly

Pumpkin cake, lemon cream, berries jelly and lemon sorbet

Tomato tartare with basil mousse

Toast with chicken curry

Toast with chicken curry

Hotel Rural Morvedra Nou restaurant