Astrophotography in en Menorca

Menorca one of the best places for astrophotography


Enjoy astrophotography in Menorca at Hotel Rural & Restaurant Morvedra Nou

What is astrophotography?​

Astrophotography is the branch of night photography for capturing celestial bodies, the art of portraying the beauty of the universe with light. With a camera and the right lens, you can capture stars, planets, nebulae and the precious Milky Way.

Why is Menorca an ideal place to enjoy astrophotography?​

Menorca is certified as a Starlight Reserve and Destination, which means that the quality of our sky is guaranteed by the Starlight Foundation as it complies with the parameters and technical audits required for certification. Menorca is the only island in the Mediterranean with this double certification.

The clarity, the transparency, the darkness due to the little light pollution we have and the number of days when the sky is clear, allow us to enjoy a sky full of stars that surprises all those who are not used to seeing it every day. Unfortunately, in the cities, the large amount of lights and pollution do not allow us to appreciate the most natural thing in the world, a clear sky with which all our ancestors have been guided for centuries.

We have several stellar viewpoints in the darkest areas of the island, such as Son Saura, very close to the hotel, Cavalleria, etc. and there is also the Observatory of Menorca in Ciutadella.

Why can I take photographs at Morvedra Nou without leaving the hotel?​

The Hotel Rural & Restaurant Morvedra Nou is certified as Starlight accommodation for meeting all the requirements of the Starlight Foundation. We are located in the darkest area in the south of the island. Our location in the countryside prevents us from being close to the lights of the village. Our altitude above sea level allows us to see a completely clear sky with no trees or mountains. Our own lights are unobtrusive as they meet the requirements of outdoor lighting for such certification.

null Milky Way from The "Eras"

You can see the stars from anywhere in the hotel, even from your own terrace. But you can't leave without enjoying the sky from our space Las Eras. There we organise different activities and Starlight Experiences, check our calendar of Activities in our own Agenda.

null Special night of Art and Stars

We recommend Las Eras space to go with your own camera and capture the Milky Way without leaving the hotel, of course you don't need to take the car, just walk two minutes. We also suggest you take a photo with the Milky Way in the background, a great souvenir of your stay with us.

null Foto with the Milky Way from the "Eras"

If you are not a photography enthusiast but you are a star lover, you can't leave without enjoying Las Eras. Ask for our Star Kit and relax under a blanket of stars. You will never forget it in your life.​

What application do you recommend to plan my photos?​

As a good photographer you will already know that planning your photography is one of the pillars for a good capture, although of course you can also improvise.

We use and recommend the Photopills app. Maybe you already use it, but maybe you don't know that its creators are from Menorca! Made in Menorca.

What equipment should I bring in my suitcase?​

Of course, don't forget your photographic equipment and a warm jacket, as you know that at night, even in summer, under a clear sky, you'll always need it.

What other places on the island do you recommend to take amazing night photography?​

Not far from the hotel with the car, the most special places to capture the Milky Way that we recommend are: Punta Nati, Es Pont d'En Gil, El Faro de Cavalleria and Sa Nitja. Here you can capture the sky and the sea.

You can also take great photographs of the sea from many of the island's beaches.

As unique of this island we recommend you to capture the starry sky or the moon next to a prehistoric monument, there are more than 1500 in Menorca and practically all of them are open to the public free of charge during the day and at night. The fact that it is a totally safe island means that we don't have to worry about protecting these monuments at night, something that surprises all visitors.

We recommend the Son Catlar settlement, the Naveta d'es Tudons, the Torretrencada taula, among many others, close to the hotel. Or simply, with a hut as an element on the way to Punta Nati, you can take some spectacular photos.

You can get some ideas from some of the great photographers we have on the island of Menorca such as Antoni Cladera, one of the creators of Photopills, look on his social media.

null Milky Way Torretrencada


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