Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta: the most beautiful virgin beaches of Menorca

Macarella is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. At the same time it is one of the most visited points of the island. In Morvedra Nou we want to help you, step by step, to discover all the secrets you should know if you want to enjoy its turquoise blue. Of its fine sand. From the shadows of his pine forest. Or the natural treasures that this virgin beach of Menorca hides



Everything you need to access and enjoy Macarella


Content guide to plan your visit:




Cala Macarella, the most beautiful in southern Menorca

It is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular paradises in Menorca, and is only 7 km from our hotel. If you have ever seen any image of Menorca you have surely marveled at its crystal clear waters and its intense turquoise blue. Custody between rocks and pine trees, this beautiful beach is a true Mediterranean landscape. With the most transparent waters of the Mediterranean and a fine white sand perfect to enjoy the sun and tranquility.


Cala Macarelleta, the younger sister

It is only 10 minutes walk from Macarella. The two beaches are joined by a beautiful path through which you can walk and contemplate spectacular views. Macarelleta is the living image that the most beautiful is found in the smallest jars. Any description falls short and only the experience of enjoying a bath in its crystalline waters corresponds to its fame.

But the first thing is to access these virgin beaches of Menorca: do you want to know how to get there?


How to get to Cala Macarella:

Being one of the most popular beach among visitors to the island, access is simple by having a road prepared for all types of access. The options vary depending on whether we want to visit it in high season (summer months) or in low season. Let us recommend here that Menorca, in general, earns a lot in low season since you can avoid the crowds of tourists on the island. And enjoy Calas like Macarella in a more calm and personal way.

Access will then depend on where we stay and what transportation option we choose to reach. We will help you.


How to get to Macarella on foot from Morvedra Nou?

If your thing is to walk to take care of yourself and want to take a dip in the transparent waters of our beaches you can take a walk from our rural hotel. In an hour and a half you will be in Macarella. You will see that the road is simple and has no loss.

We recommend you avoid the hours of increased exposure to the sun in high season, and protect yourself properly. Since, indeed, the high season is the best time of the year to make the road, because it is closed to car traffic.


How to get to Macarella on foot from Camí de Cavalls?

We can also reach these two fantastic beaches from the famous Camí de Cavalls, an experience that should be done even if you are not a lover of trecking and hiking. The tour is very easy and friendly. If your departure begins in Cala Galdana (where we can leave the private car or access by bus), and in just 40 minutes walking we will arrive at Macarella, through a beautiful Mediterranean path full of pine trees and vegetation of Menorca.




How to get to Macarella by public transport?

Between June 1 and September 30 you can only access Cala Macarella by bus. Access by car is restricted during the high season due to the agglomeration of cars and the congestion problems it caused.

Going by bus to Macarella and Macarelleta is the most comfortable, fastest and most sustainable option. In addition, the bus stops in the same parking of the Hotel Rural Morvedra Nou (exclusively for clients staying at our hotel) and the ticket is purchased on the transport company's website, although we help you buy it at our reception.

It is important to emphasize that the bus has a trunk so you can store the umbrella, bag, chair ... and everything you need on your visit to the beach. Once in the parking lot, a well signposted path and nothing complex will take you straight to paradise.

For more information on schedules you can consult the Web site. Although you already know that in Morvedra Nou we are here to give you all the necessary information on your arrival or during your stay at our establishment.


How to get to Macarella by private car?

As we have already explained between June 1 and September 15, access is restricted to the bus service. The rest of the year can be accessed by private car.

You must take the Camí de Sant Joan de Missa from Ciutadella and follow the signs (there is no loss) that you will see on the road. You will find a traditional rural road of Menorca: narrow and fenced by ‘paret seca’ (traditional system of fencing farms). Don't worry because driving quietly you get there without any problem.

Upon arrival, you must park your car in a parking lot about 15 minutes walk from the beach. A dirt road, trees and nature, perfect to acclimatize before taking a dip in the cove.




How to get to Macarella from the sea (nautical excursions)?

In Menorca the sea is the protagonist. And another way to access the beaches is by boat. The offer is very wide and varied. There are options for the most expert in navigation to those who require excursions where a professional sailor guide them to Cala Macarella.

There are many options, and we advise you to talk about them before or during your stay in Morvedra Nou. Surely we will find the best option that suits your trip plan to Menorca:

  • Shared excursion.

  • Private boat option with skipper.

  • Boat rental.


How to get to Macarella by bike?

For those who enjoy the tourism cycle, cycling is the best option. In this case, access to Macarella from Morvedra Nou is ideal, since we have a bicycle service. A formula that in just 30-40 minutes will place you on the beach enjoying a dip in the heart of Ciutadella.

Surely you already know but Menorca is an ideal destination for cycling. Our fantastic Camí de Cavalls that connects the entire coast of the island is an experience that you cannot miss. If this is your case, we recommend that once in Macarella you continue on to Camí de Cavalls and enjoy an extensive and wonderful network of rural roads.




How to get to Macarella by horse?

Horse riding in Menorca is a unique opportunity to get to know the island from a different perspective, to enjoy nature, the countryside and the beaches with this noble animal.

Surely you know, but Menorca has a special relationship with this animal. The Menorcan horse is a native and pure breed, which has very remarkable characteristics. His black and shiny hair, his slender and elegant figure, his resistance, as well as his good character. It is also very important for Menorcans their relationship with their parties and, in turn, their relationship with the horse. In the festivities of Sant Joan de Ciutadella (held on June 23th and 24th), as well as in the festivities of the other villages, the horse has an essential importance, which gives the personality of these typical Menorca events.

As in the case of nautical excursions, there are many options and we advise you to talk about them before or during your stay in Morvedra Nou. Surely we will find the best option that suits your trip plan to Menorca:

  • Option on the Camí d'Algaiarens of Ciutadella.

  • Opction in the Camí Cala Turqueta of Ciutadella.




Places to visit from Cala Macarella

The Camí de Cavalls is the umbilical cord that connects the entire coast of the island. From Cala Macarella you can make fantastic comfortable and entertaining excursions. It is the opportunity to visit other beaches and enjoy the landscape.

Looking to the sea, on the left side, there is a road that begins with stairs that lead us to Cala Galdana, an urbanization with restaurants, bars, and with a large and beautiful beach, with all kinds of services. The beautiful walk lasts about 30-40 minutes and is done by the so-called "Route of the Lookouts", where we will enjoy the views.

In Macarella again, looking back at the sea, on the right, we can reach Cala Turqueta, another of the jewels of Menorca. A very small beach that is very difficult to access by car, since parking is always full in summer, therefore, the option of walking from Macarella is a very good idea.


Flora and wildlife of Macarella

Macarella, as well as a very important part of the island of Menorca, is within an ANEI (Natural Area of Special Interest). They are protected natural spaces due to the high natural development that occurs in them. For this reason, access by car has been restricted to 900 meters from the beach, as it is a protected area.

For ornithology lovers, the entire area that surrounds the coast of Macarella is of exceptional interest, since being so cared for and protected, the life that develops is very varied.

Click here to know more about the flora of Menorca.



The bottom and underwater caves of Macarella

If you like snorkeling and have enough experience, you can try diving below an underwater cave in Macarella. If you go swimming from the beach next to the cliff on the left, after 150 meters there is a cave through which you can pass.

Important, if you decide to try never do it alone, you should always have someone next to you in case you have any problems.

If you can not enter the cave, do not worry, with some diving goggles and a tube you can enjoy seeing a whole marine wildlife and flora full of life.

Aquí here you could see the video of the cave.


The best hotel to enjoy Cala Macarella

The best hotel to enjoy Macarella in Menorca is, without a doubt, the rural hotel Morvedra Nou, due to its luxurious location. In the middle of summer it is a real luxury to wait for the bus in our parking lot to comfortably be in Macarella in 20 minutes. In addition, all the facilities and options to reach by bicycle, walking, ...

Our location is privileged in relation to access to the beaches of southern Menorca. And more specifically to Macarella that can be the starting point for other routes to Cala Galdana, Turqueta, Macarelleta, Trebalúger, Cala Mitjana and Mitjaneta or Escorxada.


Where to eat if you visit Macarella

The best place to eat if you visit Macarella is, without a doubt, the restaurant of the rural hotel Morvedra Nou. Another option, more comfortable, although less elaborate, is the restaurant Ca na Susy that is located at the right side of the beach, and that makes Macarella a comfortable beach with easy access to bathrooms, bar, …



So far our guide to plan your visit to Macarella. We hope we have helped you. But if you have not found any relevant information or want to help us improve it, we invite you to leave a comment on our blog. What do you think?

Ready to enjoy Cala Macarella? At Morvedra Nou we help you discover the true charm of the corners of Menorca!


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