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On your visit to Menorca, don't miss the Starlight experience offered by the Hotel & Restaurant Morvedra Nou.


What is Starlight accommodation​?

It is an accommodation with a quality certificate related to the night sky awarded by the Starlight Foundation. In its Declaration of La Palma, in Defence of the Night Sky and the Right to the Stars, it accredits the quality of the accommodation and that it has the natural resource of the dark sky.

It is committed to watching over the quality of the night sky and has the means for simple astronomical observation and to facilitate possible observations on clear nights.

​It is located in an area with little light pollution, as is the case in Menorca, as it is a Starlight Destination and Reserve.

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Morvedra Nou is also certified as a Biosphere Reserve. Find out more about it in this link.


What starlight experiences can I have in Morvedra Nou​?

Throughout the summer we carry out different astro-tourism activities. Our main experience is a romantic dinner on the terrace of the hotel and at the end, when the sky is dark, we go to our Era where a Starlight instructor; Isabel Martín, will explain stories of the sky, the constellations, show us planets and much more. This experience will make you disconnect from the earth and enter the magical world of the stars!

At the moment they are only available in Spanish.​

Sometimes we have the collaboration of a local singer-songwriter or musician who entertains the explanation with songs related to the sky.

The duration of the Era experience is approximately 1 hour. We recommend that you bring comfortable shoes and a jacket, as it can get quite chilly in the countryside in summer.

During your stay if you bring your photographic equipment you can go to Las Eras and capture the Milky Way without leaving the hotel, see our post about Astrophotografy for more information.

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Perseids or Tears of San Lorenzo

Morvedra Nou is the ideal place to enjoy the most famous star shower that takes place in mid-August. They are known as the Tears of San Lorenzo because they take place during the days of his feast day, the 10th of August every year.

Visit our website where we put all the activities we plan in relation to this special occasion. At the moment they are only available in Spanish.​



Can I do the activities if I am not staying at the hotel​?

Of course!

All our activities are designed whether you are staying at the hotel or just coming to enjoy our restaurant on the magnificent outdoor terrace overlooking the sea and Mallorca.

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Who are the experiences aimed at​?

Our Starlight experiences are aimed at teenagers and adults. They are romantic experiences or to be enjoyed with friends.

They are not designed for small children as they might get tired lying down looking at the sky.

They can also be personalised or exclusive experiences on request.

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Thank you video for the recognition received by the Starlight Foundation as the best Starlight 2020 accommodation and our experiences.

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