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In case you didn't know, Menorcan saffron is one of the most sought-after in the world and November is the ideal month to experience its blossoming as a first-hand harvest, and also to photograph it. From the hand of Omar Zola we will dive into the sensorial world of saffron, its aroma and peculiar flavour. You will be able to know everything there is to know about the world of saffron.

We want to invite you to a world that is perhaps unknown to you: the saffron of Menorca. You will visit the saffron fields to know in detail how it blooms. Then you will be able to observe first hand how the three pistils that would be the saffron itself are cut. To finish this visit in a more complete way, you will be able to taste this saffron in an infusion and different elaborations to taste it in all its potential.

All this while you stay in one of the most authentic rural hotels of Minorca, from where we can go in our free time to some of the most beautiful coves of the island and visit the old capital, Ciutadella



Menorcan saffron is probably one of the best kept secrets of this island. Menorca will be, in 2022, a European Gastronomic Region and it will be, to a great extent, thanks to its red gold, its organically grown saffron. Menorcan saffron, fortified by the sea salts carried by our winds, apart from giving a sophisticated flavour to your dishes also provides health and wellbeing to your life, as it enjoys a wide range of natural properties: it is an antioxidant, antidepressant, anti-cancer, anti-ageing, cardiovascular protector, digestive, invigorating for the nervous system...



In the town of Es Mercadal, on the Santa Margarita estate, owned by Mercedes Montañés Marino, agricultural expert Omar Zola Antonino grows the purest saffron on the Balearic Islands. Through a totally artisan process, without additives or chemicals, they have obtained iSafra with First Category Certification. The iSafra saffron has been grown, collected and packed in the island of Menorca and it is a 100% local product, something that in our establishment we are very interested in.



The Hotel Rural Morvedra Nou has the Biosphere Reserve of Menorca brand and is a member of the Spanish Ecotourism Association (AEE) for its commitment to sustainable and quality tourism. The breakfast, included in the program, is made with local products (km 0). The hotel, of course, is also fully committed to sustainable tourism, taking this commitment into account in all its decisions (energy consumption, respect for biodiversity, commitment to local and proximity products, local culture...).

Details and observations

  • Activity guided visit to Finca Santa Margarita with local producers and guides: 2 hours
  • Liability insurance during the activities
  • Minimum group size 2 persons. Maximum 20 people
  • There are no specific dates. It can be taken at any time during the month of November, according to the schedule of programmed visits.
  • Pack aimed at lovers of nature and its landscapes. Couples, singles or groups.

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