Morvedra Nou rural hotel is the first establishment of its category to obtain the distinction of Biosphere Reserve. But what exactly does it mean?

The Biosphere Reserve certification means that Morvedra Nou has a firm commitment to the island's environmental, social, economic and cultural sustainability. And that is reflected through actions such as:

  • Garbage reduction and recycling, including organic waste
  • Maintain our garden with native plants to reduce water consumption, since they are adapted to the island's climate
  • Implementation of ecologically certified cleaning products
  • Local product consumption, both in the kitchen and in other areas of the hotel
  • Collaboration with local producers to publicize their work and the quality of what is produced in Menorca
  • Energy saving with light control cards in the rooms and low-energy LED lighting throughout the hotel
  • Our machinery has low energy consumption certification


Being starlight accommodation, as the Starlight Foundation would say, are the Starlight Rural Houses and Hotels that constitute a qualification granted by the Foundation to those establishments that, in addition to offering accredited accommodation quality, become propagators of the values contained in the Declaration of La Palma, in Defence of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight. In other words, we are committed to the quality of the sky we have in Menorca.

Having this certification means that we make information about Starlight and astronomy available to our clients, as well as means for observation and are involved as active agents in the propagation of astronomical culture, offering astro-tourism activities such as naked-eye observation by a starlight guide, to make your stay a starry experience.


In the same line of commitment to sustainability and responsible development, Morvedra Nou has recently joined the Ecotourism Club of Spain.

The establishments belonging to this network undertake to offer tourist experiences that help local development and the conservation of the biodiversity of protected areas.


For 20 years we have been working for tourist excellence. That is why we have the distinction of Tourism Quality Commitment, a seal promoted by the Secretary of State for Tourism together with the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces. Having the SICTED tourism certification means that, from Morvedra Nou, we have been working for many years to improve the experience and satisfaction of the tourist who visits us, according to quality standards.

We have obtained the quality certifcation of good practices referring to the COVID - 19 this year 2020, according to the initiatives and effective implementation and execution of the contingency plan, by the whole team of the hotel in front of the COVID - 19, in our establishment.


The Plastic Free Balearics (PFB) Certification is a seal of environmental quality for businesses in the hospitality industry focused around the prevention of single-use plastic waste.

Through this certification we commit to transitioning towards a circular and zero waste economy, positioning ourselves as leaders at the forefront of the protection and regeneration of our islands. WE ARE THE CHANGE!