We are a team, a family. We are a group of people who put, above all, other people. Be they clients or hotel staff. Those of us who are part of Morvedra Nou want to thank you for choosing us as your holiday establishment in Menorca. And we want to tell you a little more about our family.

Our family

Morvedra Nou has been part of our family for generations. Approximately two centuries ago, Antonio Vivó Cavaller bought the farm that we now manage as a rural hotel. Although of humble origin, Antonio, who was a fisherman, emigrated to Egypt. There he was able to make a small fortune that allowed him to buy the land that is now our establishment.

In its origins, the main activity of Morvedra Nou was cattle raising. Until, slowly, tourism fully entered Menorca. And we decided to convert the farm into a rural hotel. A rural hotel that does not lose its simple roots. But you know what the value of quality is over quantity. If we have to define ourselves, right now, we can say that we are sustainability.

Welcome and comfort

We are sustainable in the way of thinking. But especially we are sustainable in the way of doing. We know the importance of a pleasant, leisurely stay, linked to the land. So we want to receive you in the conditions of a 4-star hotel that cares about its surroundings. The nature, the humanity and the society.


Our way of doing and thinking is also present in the kitchen of the Morvedra Nou Restaurant. The local, sustainable and ecological product has a place inside a gastronomy that draws from the history of the island. And that introduces the most innovative techniques for the use of resources, offering the highest quality.