About us, Hotel Rural Morvedra Nou

Staff at the hotel

From our point of view, at Hotel Morvedra Nou, we firmly believe that the business values that prioritise in a company must be, above everything, values that take people into account (our customers and staff at the hotel), as well as the environment and sustainability of our surroundings. We try to make this possible, with a team of staff available and ready to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible, that pays attention to customers' well being.

But trying to go an extra mile, our challenge and compromise is to achieve a sustainable development of our environment and surroundings, this is why we believe in offering local produce, as this helps develop the island's potential. This way, we believe that sustainable and responsible growth is possible.

We believe in quality and equality at the workplace, using own resources to potentiate social benefit to our community, reducing polution and being environmentally friendly, we cooperate with other business organisations and we have a commitment to help maintain and create a habitable Minorca sustainable by all of us, where we can all enjoy it.